Installation and Advantages to Stained Glass


1-Installation is fast and simple. The stained glass is placed over the existing glass and sealed with an industrial grade silicone.  This way the stained glass acts as a barrier of sound and temperature.


2-When using clear textured glass one can achieve privacy and elegance while allowing a greater amount of light to pass.


3-When using colored glass the amount of passable light varies depending on the intensity of the colors and glass selected.


4-We do custom work for iron doors with designs following the lines and curves of the iron to create amazing works of art. This gives you privacy and style. (see gallery)

  5-If you have glass block and are looking for an alternative we can provide solutions to create functional and decorative works of art.
  6-Curtains and large windows need maintenance and tend to gather dust and dirt that can cause health problems. Stained glass could be the answer.
  7-We insulate with tempered, impact, or even bullet proof glass if one desires.